Delivery and return policy

Chemist EU has several delivery options connected to different time schedules.
*To order items in stock
If you are purchasing goods in stock, we will transfer your order to the delivery service within 1-3 business days from the moment you pay for the order. Our logistic partners will bring your order within the specific time, keeping the technical requirements and the characteristics of the goods.
*To purchase pre-ordered goods
If you are purchasing pre-ordered items, you should be aware that the delivery time is likely to be extended due to several factors. Such as:
1. If the goods you are interested in are available on the manufacturer's stock, your order will be transferred to the logistics company within 3 working days from the date of the invoice payment. Depending on the chosen shipping method, your order the delivery time can vary from 10 to 20 days if you choose air delivery and from 35 to 50 days if you choose sea shipping.
2. If the items you are interested in are out of stock, you should understand that it will take additional 10-20 working days to process your order and because of that the delivery time will be shifted to that specific period. After your order is produced on the factory, the cargo will be transferred according to the scenario described earlier, depending on the transportation method you choose.
Please note that customs clearance of goods in the destination country is not included within the delivery time. Unfortunately, we cannot influence on the speed of customs services, but we will always let you know what stage your order is at.
Orders placed with us are dispatched by parcel service. Our partners will deliver your order on time and without violating the technical requirements for shipping this type of product.
Please note that delivery of orders containing chemicals may take a little longer. This is because it requires more handling than for an ordinary package.
We would like to inform you that unfortunately, if you order chemicals from us, they cannot be returned. This is because individuals are not allowed to send chemicals by post, this also applies to LQ substances. 
Laboratory equipment and glass can be returned in certain cases, but do so in consultation with us first.
We will clarify the reasons for the return, the integrity of the product and whether the specifications are still intact.
If shipments are returned to us without communication, we will generally not accept them. Please note that the return costs are for your own account.

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