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All about freeze dryer: what is it?

Freeze drying machine finds extensive usage across various sectors, such as the medicine, pharmaceuticals or biological idnustry. This versatile equipment simplifies the preservation of items for extended periods post-drying. Consequently, reconstituting these products to their initial state while maintaining their chemical and biological attributes after rehydration becomes effortlessly achievable. The vacuum freeze drying process, a technological approach, involves the pre-freezing of samples followed by the sublimation of their moisture under vacuum conditions.

Freeze dryer usage

Vacuum freeze dryer stands as a remarkable solution, catering to the preservation and drying needs of diverse materials. With its exceptional capacity, this innovative equipment finds its purpose in not only handling high-quality medicinal raw materials and Chinese herbal treasures but also extending its capabilities to encompass an array of usage, ranging from vegetables, dehydrated produce, and fruits to chemical commodities and pharmaceutical intermediates.

Freeze dryer construction

Usually, the vacuum freeze dryer construction for freeze drying process includes the following components: drying oven, water vapor condenser, cooling system, vacuum system, heating system, programmable logic control (PLC) module and other integral parts.

The freeze drying procedure takes place within a sealed and heated chamber designed explicitly for this purpose. Within the chamber, which features shelves measuring 10-15 mm in thickness, the material slated for drying is meticulously arranged. To effectively monitor the process of sublimation drying, each individual shelf is outfitted with a temperature sensor dedicated to the material's thermal conditions. Particular emphasis is placed on overseeing the entirety of the freeze drying stage, commencing from the process initiation and extending all the way through its culmination. When sealing the chamber's door, which is hermetically shut with a rubber gasket, it is imperative to ensure a secure and airtight closure.

The condenser, serving as a sealed contrivance responsible for the condensation of water vapor, plays a pivotal role. The condenser is linked to the furnace through vacuum valves that establish the necessary connection. A stainless steel conduit is harnessed to establish the vacuum system and is interlinked with the overall vacuum setup.

The vacuum structure integral to the freeze dryer encompasses a vacuum pump, which can either be of the rotary vane variety or a liquid ring configuration, in conjunction with a double-rotor vacuum pump of the Roots-type classification.

The refrigeration mechanism operates on the foundation of a refrigeration compressor and a refrigeration system. Moreover, cooling setups involving lyophilization materials in a frozen state are outfitted with water separators to enhance their efficiency.

The programmable logic control (PLC) module stands as an electrical control system encompassing the freeze dryer's display recorder, regulatory equipment, configurable components, and automated systems.

What the freeze dryer is used for?

The freeze dryer boasts an extensive array of utility. This equipment proves invaluable in desiccating an assortment of items, including vegetables, fruits, comestibles, pharmaceuticals, laboratory fluids, and beyond. Equipped with a transparent window, users are provided with an unobstructed view of the entire freeze drying progression. This equipment finds widespread employment across various sectors such as medical, pharmaceutical, biological research, chemical enterprises, and food production, among others. Following the freeze drying process, long-term preservation becomes considerably simplified. Restoration to the original state is achievable, wherein the chemical and biological attributes remain intact post rehydration.

Where to buy freeze dryer

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