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Drying oven is divided into two categories, electric blast drying oven and vacuum drying box. It has been widely used in chemical industry, electronic communication, plastics, cable, electroplating, hardware, automobile, photoelectric, rubber products. Mold, spray, printing, medical, aerospace and higher education institutions.
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What is the drying oven is used for?

Drying devices, also known as drying cabinets or dryers, are designed for drying and treatment processes of materials that harden at low temperatures. They are actively used in various industrial sectors and in agriculture.

Based on their construction, drying equipments are subdivided into several types. These include chamber ovens that provide drying inside closed chambers, pass-through ovens in which materials pass through drying areas, hood ovens that provide environmental protection, retractable tray ovens and conveyor systems for drying on production lines. Automated loading of materials into the kiln using conveyor belts or special rail systems is also possible.

The drying oven is usually made of sheet steel, stainless steel or aluminum alloys. Their modular design facilitates transportation and installation in working areas.

Various sources such as electricity, steam or hot water can be used to heat the air inside the industrial drying oven. Heat exchangers are placed in three or four planes, ensuring even heat distribution throughout the working area. In some cases, drying units can be divided into independently controlled zones, which is relevant when processing a variety of material volumes. For additional bactericidal treatment, the chambers of drying devices can be equipped with infrared emitters.

There is also a system in which heating is carried out through the use of special electrodes immersed in high-temperature oil. This method is based on the principle of electrical resistance. The heating process is carried out in a separate room, and then the heated oil circulates through coils inside the drying chamber, maintaining the required air temperature.

Drying processes in drying ovens and pass-through units are controlled by an electronic control system. This system is based on microprocessor temperature controllers and timers, preventing overheating and ensuring precise control of the temperature inside the drying chamber.

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