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Characteristics of chemical reagents

Chemical reagents are used extensively in science and industry to induce chemical reactions or even to monitor their progress in a system. Some chemical reactions can be initiated by single chemical elements, but in most cases complex chemical compounds are needed.

Chemical reagents, are substances or compounds added to a system to provoke a chemical reaction or applied to test and observe a possible reaction. The terms 'reagent' and 'chemical reactant' are often used interchangeably, but 'reagent' more narrowly refers to the substance consumed in a chemical reaction. Solvents, although involved in the reaction, are not usually considered reactants. It is also important to remember that catalysts do not initiate a reaction, so they are not included in the concept of 'reactant'.

In biochemistry, especially when considering catalytic reactions of enzymes, the term 'substrates' is used to refer to reactants. Chemicals and reagents are purified and ready-to-use compounds. They are chemical in nature and find usage in various laboratories and industrial processes. In most cases, they are pure materials consisting of either single or multiple components. Chemical reagents can be specially created (synthesized).

Chemical reagents are substances used in laboratories to perform analyses, research, and experiments. It is very important that chemical reagents be properly labeled. Labels should indicate the molecular formula, mass, quality, expiration date, and date of manufacture.

Classification of reagents is a separate topic for discussion. Chemical reagents and substances themselves can be classified according to several criteria, such as purity and application.

According to the degree of purity, they are categorized into:

Technical reagents and pure reagents. Technical contain a variety of impurities and are virtually impure, used for auxiliary or exclusively industrial purposes. They are identified on labels by a light brown color or appropriate markings. Pure reagents contain less than 1% impurities. Identified on labels by a green color or appropriate labeling.

There are also reagents for analysis, which are used for analytical studies, the content of impurities up to 0.7%.

In terms of usage - reagents can be used in laboratories, medicine and even in industrial settings. But whatever reagents you need, buy only quality products and contact only trusted suppliers.This also applies to the choice of laboratory equipment

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