Évaporateur rotatif

What is a rotary evaporator?

Lab device of rotary vacuum evaporator is a popular instrumental tool used for effective evaporation of liquid or its fractions under conditions of reduced pressure. Among the privileges that such possesses, the following can be emphasized: Providing uniform heating of the material that is being distilled; stimulating the active process of vaporization of liquid substances; guaranteed safety when working with flammable, intensely odorous and toxic components; adaptable to the gentle treatment of temperature-sensitive and foam-prone materials; high productivity and...

What is the limitation of rotary evaporator?

A potential for different types of samples, such as ethanol and water, to collide is a key disadvantage of rotary evaporators, in addition to the fact that they are designed for single samples. This can result in the loss of some substance intended to be held. Rotary evaporator equipment that has a sealed seal is limited in life and requires periodic replacement. As such, users will have to spend more time and money to replace sealed equipment on a regular basis. Samples may be subject to exposure to air, resulting in contamination of sample materials and extracted co...

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