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Rotary evaporator (or rotavap/rotovap) is a device used in chemical laboratories for the efficient and gentle removal of solvents from samples by evaporation.

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Rotary evaporator is the use of stepless speed control glass rotating bottle constant speed rotation, the material in the bottle wall to form a large area uniform film, and then by the intelligent constant temperature water bath on the rotating bottle of uniform heating, vacuum conditions, high-speed evaporation, Efficient glass condenser cooling, recovery in the collection bottle.


1. Using PTFE + fluorine rubber seal cover, to maintain a high vacuum degree. Gas-liquid separation, no reflow .

2. USES the main and secondary efficient double condenser to ensure high recovery rate.

3. Rotating bottle with nut connection, it is easy to load and unload.

4. There is tap valve under the collection bottle mouth, recycled solvent is very fast.

5. Feeding continuously.

6. Vacuum gauge is to make sure the best work vacuum degree can be adjusted for the low boiling point materials.

7. Water bath with digital and continuous temperature controlling.

8. Reasonable structure, special materials . The mechanical structure mainly use stainless steel and aluminum alloy parts, glass pieces are all made of high temperature resistant and high boron glass. Imported Electrical key-module. Rubber seal is easy to adopt the new international, making it easy for users to purchase and update.






Whole power


Rotary power


Heating power


Vacuum degree


Rotary flask volume

20L Φ355mm/Φ95 flange port

Receiving flask volume

10L Φ280mm/ upper with Φ60 flange port *24#  standard port* down with Φ50 flange

Rotary speed


Temp.cotrolling range

room temperature -180โ„ƒ

Temp. accuracy


Flask lifting distance


Condenser size

The main condensor Φ130*700H(mm), upper with Φ60 flange*down   with  Φ80 flange
  The assisted condensor Φ160*530H(mm), upper with Φ80 flange * down with Φ60   flange*side with Φ60 flange

Condensation area


Air guide bottle

left with Φ34 standard port, upper with 19# standard   port,  side with Φ60 flange port ,   right with Φ60 flange port

Charging valve

34# standard plug valve, feed nozzle (pagoda-shape   connectors) outer diameter 12mm

Multi-function port

19# standard plug valve, glass nozzle  (pagoda-shape connectors) outer diameter   12mm

Vacuum suction nozzle

Φ60 flange glass exhaustor, suction nozzle (pagoda-shape   connectors) outer diameter 10mm

Condensing coil in and out circuation nozzle

Pagoda-shape connectors, outer diameter 16mm

Vent valve

24#standard plug valve*2 vent nozzle๏ผˆ (pagoda-shape connectors) outer   diameter 12mm

Baiting valve

Φ50 flange port, side discharging nozzle(pagoda-shape   connectors), outer diameter 20mm, 200mm from the floor

Pot bravery size

Φ450*260H๏ผˆmm)  about 41L

Overall dimensions (W*L*H)


Net weight


Packing dimensions

1350*670*720mm; 680*680*790mm๏ผŒ1.02m³

Packing weight


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Dec 14, 2023

I am thrilled to share my experience with the purchase of the 20L Rotary Evaporator. Firstly, opting for air delivery, I was pleasantly surprised to receive the equipment ahead of the stipulated time frame. This speedy delivery greatly exceeded my expectations and ensured minimal disruption to our lab operations. Regarding the product itself, the rotary evaporator has proven to be an excellent addition to our setup. Its performance and efficiency have been impressive, meeting our expectations for high-quality equipment. The design and functionality are top-notch, allowing for precise and smooth operation, which is crucial for our research endeavors. I must commend the sales team for their exceptional support throughout the purchasing process. Their responsiveness, professionalism, and willingness to assist with queries made the entire experience seamless. Moreover, the after-sales support has been commendable; any follow-up questions or assistance required post-purchase have been promptly addressed. In summary, the 20L Rotary Evaporator not only met but surpassed our expectations. The early arrival via air delivery was a significant bonus, and the sales and customer support have been exemplary. We look forward to continued use of this equipment and would highly recommend both the product and the company's services to others.

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