Rocker Vacuum Piston Pump, Rocker 400

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Rocker 400

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Product Features:

No pollution, maintenance-free
Rocker400 oil-free vacuum pump uses the principle of piston (Piston) to act and does not need oil to lubricate, so regular oiling is not required maintenance, and there is no problem of oil mist pollution.
โ–  Quiet, low vibration
Rocker400 oil-free vacuum pump adopts direct-drive power transmission, without belt drive, plus other sound-absorbing and shock-proof equipment, which makes this series of products quiet and low-vibration, among the products of the same level.
โ–  Overheating protection device
Rocker400 oil-free vacuum pump is equipped with a temperature protection switch inside the motor. When the internal temperature of the body is too high, it will automatically stop and start automatically after the temperature cools down.
โ–  Air intake filter device
Rocker400 oil-free vacuum pumps are equipped with filter elements at the intake port, which can filter dust and water vapor to purify the intake air and prolong the service life of the cylinder and piston.


Basic specifications (220V/50Hz):
โ—† Power (W): 80
โ—† Current consumption (A): 0.4
โ—† Maximum vacuum: 105 mbar / 91 kpa / 680 mmHg
โ—† Maximum flow: 34 l/min
โ—† Speed: 1450 RPM
โ—† Horsepower: 1/6 HP
โ—† Noise value: 52.0dB
โ—† Applicable hose inner diameter: 5/16 inch
โ—† Net weight: 5.2kg
โ—† Dimensions: 31.0x13.5x20.4 cm
โ—† Vacuum pressure valve: Yes
โ—† Float ball Cartridge Pack: Yes

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