Oil Vacuum Pump Tanker 230

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Tanker 230

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Product Features

โ—† High vacuum, high flow

The Tanker series vacuum pump adopts the principle of Rotary Vane (Rotary Vane) actuation, with a large flow rate and a high vacuum of 0.1 Torr or more. It can be applied to experiments in various laboratories with medium and high flow rates and medium and high vacuum degrees. 

โ—† Quiet, low vibration 

Tanker series vacuum pumps have the advantages of low noise, low vibration and long service life. In order to avoid the pollution of the laboratory environment due to the escape of oil mist, an oil mist filter can be used to prevent the oil mist from dispersing in the air and reduce the laboratory environment. air pollution. 

โ—† Overheat protection device 

Each model of Tanker series products is equipped with a temperature protection switch inside the motor. When the internal temperature of the machine body is too high, it will automatically stop, and it will start automatically after the temperature cools down.


Basic Specifications: 

โ—† Vacuum degree: 0.05 Torr= 0.066 mBar

โ—† Flow: 70 L/min = 2.5CFM

โ—† Noise: 52 dB

โ—† Horsepower: 1/3HP

โ—† Weight: 14kg

โ—† Voltage: 200-240v/50Hz

โ—† Power: 375W

โ—† Host size: 385×206×304 mm

โ—† Pipe interface: 5/16 inch = 8mm


Product Features : 

โ—† High vacuum, high flow

โ—† Quiet, low vibration

โ—† The machine is equipped with an overheat protection device

โ—† EU CE safety certification

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