50L Lifting Three Layer Glass Reactor

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For the three-layer glass reactor, an extra layer of glass vacuum protection layer is added on the basis of the double-layer glass reactor, so as to better protect the temperature in the kettle, and at the same time, you can intuitively observe the reaction of the materials in the kettle.

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The three-layer glass reactor is based on the original double-jacketed glass reactor (the inner tank is stirred for synthetic materials, and the outer jacket is used for the circulation of heating and cooling medium). Insulation layer, with this vacuum insulation layer, users do not need to worry about the waste of cold and hot resources of the second layer jacket when using the reactor to synthesize, which not only saves resources but also beautifies the appearance, users can intuitively see the inside The reaction situation of the materials in the bladder. It is convenient for users or students to record the changes in the reaction of materials in each time period, and it is more convenient for users to control the addition of materials and accessories.


1. It is sealed with polytetrafluoroethylene material and special rubber compound sealing ring, which can withstand various solvents and maintain high vacuum.

2. High-efficiency condenser to ensure high recovery rate.

3. The standardized connection method is very convenient for disassembly.

4. The discharging switch is installed, and the recovery of the solvent is very fast.

5. Equipped with a vacuum gauge, the best working vacuum can be selected for materials with low boiling points.

6. The whole machine adopts high-quality stainless steel, aluminum alloy and new synthetic materials, which have the advantages of corrosion resistance, rust resistance, and resistance to various solvents.

7. The glass parts are all made of GG17 high temperature resistant borosilicate glass material, which has good physical and chemical properties.

8. The electrical components are carefully selected, and the main components are all imported original parts.

9. Electronic stepless speed regulation, the motor has no sparks, is safe and reliable, and has a long life.




Kettle volume

50L๏ผŒinner diameter 365mm, middle 410mm, outer diameter   465mm, inner length 576mm

Sandwich volume

about 16L



Overall power


Stirring power

120W  1/3

Lifting power

40W 1/12.5

Stirring speed


Kettle   temperature range(โ„ƒ๏ผ‰

-80 to 250

Temperature   accuracy


Vacuum degree


Cover diameter


6port of cover

Stirring port

Φ50mm screw port

Condenser reflux   port

50# ball mill   port

Constant   pressure funnel port

40# standard   port

Relief port

34# standard   port

Temperature   measure port

Φ45mm flange   port

Solid feeding   port

Φ80mm screw port๏ผŒinner diameter Φ50mm

Stirring  paddle

Φ17*1000H(mm),   leafing 190mm

Condenser size

Φ120*600H(mm), ไธ‹Φ60mm flange port

Condensation   area


Reflux elbow

upper with Φ60mm   flange port๏ผŒleft with 50# ball mill plug

Constant   pressure funnel

2L, upper with   29# standard port matched with glass plug, down with 40# standard plug, down   matched with 40# standard port*40# standard plug, S-shape adapter connected   with the cover

Relief valve

34# standard   plug valve๏ผŒvent nozzle (pagoda connector), outer   diameter 12mm

In and out   circulation port of the internal sandwich

Φ45 flange port   matched with 6 points buffer device, external for 4 points screw port

Vacuum port of   external sandwich

Φ35 flange port   matched with glass+PTFE suction valve, suction nozzle (pogada connector),   outer diameter 12mm

Baiting port

Φ75mm flange๏ผŒΦ33mm baiting port๏ผŒinclined   discharging port(pagoda connector)Φ34mm๏ผŒ from floor   280mm

Vacuum suction   nozzle

padoga   connector,outer diameter 12mm

In and out   circulation nozzle of condenser coil

padoga   connector,outer diameter 15mm

Lifting distance

740mm   (acturally, subject to the stirring rod is 50mm away from the top of cover )

Overall   dimension (W*L*H)


Packing   dimension


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