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Jacketed glass reactor is with double glass design, the reaction kettle placed with reaction menstruum can do the mixing reaction, and the interlayer can be added with different cold and heat sources (frozen liquid, hot water or hot oil) to do loop heating or cooling reaction.

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Jacketed Reaction vessels are used for synthetic reaction of different types of materials in a controlled temperature and vacuum environment. Reaction Vessels can be used as an all in one tool for extraction, refinement, distillation, and hemoginization.Consisting of an inner vessel with either one or two jackets, a reactor uses temperature differentials created by a chiller to change it's internal environment. Reaction vessels also operate under vacuum making them ideal for any atmospheric sensitive applications. They can be made out of glass and range in volume from 1L to 200L.


1. A full set of glassware with GG3.3 borosilicate glass that is heat/cold/corrosion-resistant.

2. Wide range of temperature operations, from -60°C to 250°C.

3. Solvent-resistant PTFE seal ensure long time durability and operation, sealing is -0.098Mpa.

4. The PT100 temperature, and is a liquid crystal display. More accurate temperature measurement and more convenient.

5. Frequency control, AC induction motor. Constant speed, brushless, no spark, security and stability, and continuous work.

6. Heavy duty stainless steel supporting framework with lockable casters for mobility and stability. (whole support and glass vessel shipped pre-assembled)

7.  Rugged stainless steel reinforced PTFE stirrer with anchored agitator, suitable for a wide range of viscous materials. multi-layer stirring blades is optional.

8. The bottom flange discharge port with a Teflon value, aluminum parts flange fixed.




Kettle volume

20L๏ผŒ inner diameter 230mm,outer diameter   290mm,inner length 386mm

Jacketed volume

about 7L



Stirring power

90W  1/3

Stirring speed


Temperature   range vessel can bear

-80 โ„ƒ to 250 โ„ƒ

Temperature   accuracy


Vacuum degree


Cover diameter


6ports of cover

Stirring port

Φ50mm flange   port

Condenser port

50# ball mill   port

Constant   pressure funnel port

40# standard   port

Relief port

34# standard   port

Temperature   measure port

Φ45mm flange   port

Solid feeding   port

Φ80mm flange   port๏ผŒinner diameter Φ60mm matched with PTFE   cover

Stirring  paddle

Φ17*750H(mm),  leafing 190mm

Condenser size

Φ100*600H(mm),   down with Φ60mm flange port

Condensation   area


Reflux elbow

upper with Φ60mm   flange port๏ผŒleft with 50# ball mill plug

Constant   pressure funnel

1L, upper with   29# standard port matched with glass plug, down with 40# standard plug

Relief valve

34# standard   plug valve๏ผŒvent nozzle (pagoda connector), outer   diameter 12mm

In and out   circulation port of the sandwich

Φ45 flange port   matched with ring flange, 4 points outside the wire adapter

Baiting port

Φ75mm flanger   port๏ผŒΦ33mm baiting port๏ผŒinclined discharging port, (pagoda connector)Φ34mm๏ผŒfrom floor 350mm

Vacuum suction   nozzle

padoga   connector,outer diameter 12mm

In and out   circulation nozzle of condenser coil

padoga   connector,outer diameter 15mm

Overall   dimension (W*L*H)


Net weight


Packing   dimension


Packing weight


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Dec 13, 2023

I'm incredibly impressed with the 20L Jacketed Glass Reactor I ordered. Not only does it meet the highest standards in terms of quality and functionality, but the service provided was outstanding. I opted for the expedited air delivery, and to my surprise, the product arrived well ahead of the estimated time.
Moreover, the customer service team was highly responsive and accommodating throughout the purchasing process. The early delivery was a pleasant bonus and demonstrated their commitment to customer satisfaction.

  • Pros:  Overall, I highly recommend both the product and the service provided by this company. The exceptional quality of the reactor coupled with the prompt and efficient delivery make this purchase a definite win for our laboratory.

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