What is the point in wetting filtration paper in buchner funnel?

Published on November 23, 2023

What is Buchner funnel

The Buchner funnel is a specialized device that has been especially designed and manufactured for the needs of the chemical industry and laboratories. The main function of the funnel is to filter a variety of liquids when using vacuum technology. Having shown its usefulness in this field, this funnel found its unusual application among skillful craftsmen, who began to use it for the filtration process of home moonshine beverage.

The Buchner funnel is slightly different from the household funnel. It has a partition at the bottom with numerous holes, due to which the speed of filtration increases. The second distinguishing feature is that it is made of porcelain. This material is chemically neutral, it does not absorb any odors, while much stronger than glass, and it can be heated to higher temperatures. There are models made of metal and plastic, but this is rare, and it is not recommended to use such models.

The Buchner funnel therefore remains an important tool in the chemical field, providing unique properties and functionality for effective filtration of liquids under vacuum and. Due to these features, the Buchner funnel is used in unexpected areas, such as home production of homemade moonshine drinks.

Setup and Structure

The functional purpose of the funnel is to smoothly and evenly introduce liquid into a flask containing reaction solutions, mixtures and other chemical reagents or substances. The geometry of the funnel has a cylindrical shape, there is a scale for measuring, and in its lower part is attached a glass tap.

To fix the Buchner funnel, use rubber stoppers, which securely fix it to the neck of the flask. Externally, it resembles a standard flask, but on one side it has a connector for connection to a vacuum unit or an ordinary pump. This significantly increases the speed and efficiency of the filtration process. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to use additional equipment - at home you can also carry out filtration by gravity when filtering, for example, homemade moonshine.  

Uses of a Buchner Funnel

The benefits of using such laboratory equipment are mostly seen in vacuum filtration, where this device acts as a reservoir for the collected filtrate. Additionally, this flask demonstrates its applicability in various fields, such as extraction of gases in the course of chemical reactions, as well as use as a protective tank in processes associated with vacuum.

As for its characteristics, it is worth mentioning:

  • high throughput capacity, ensuring an efficient filtration process;
  • fast filtration speed, which allows the process to be completed quickly;
  • large volume, increased due to the high sides, which helps to accommodate a large volume of liquid.

What is a Buchner funnel made of

Such a device is traditionally made of porcelain, sometimes of metal or plastic. The upper section of the funnel, into which the liquid is poured, is separated from the lower part by a special porous or perforated partition, to which a vacuum is also connected. A removable layer of filtering material – filter paper, absorbent cotton, track filter or other similar material – can be applied to this partition. If you are interested in purchasing quality laboratory equipment, please contact trusted suppliers.

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