Buchner funnel

What is buchner funnel?

In the world of chemistry, biology and other scientific disciplines where separation of liquids and solids is required, the Buchner funnel has become an indispensable tool. This device, named after the German chemist Ernst Wilhelm Buchner, allows efficient filtration and isolation of solids from liquids. Let's take a closer look at what a Buchner funnel is and how to choose the right pump size for it. Wetting the filtration paper is a critical step that significantly influences the outcome of the filtration process. The primary reason for wetting the paper is to preven...

What size pump for buchner funnel?

A Büchner funnel is a specialized device used to filter mixtures of liquids and solids. It consists of two main parts: an upper part, called the filter funnel, and a lower part with a perforated or porous partition that separates the liquid from the solids. The principle of operation of a Buchner funnel is based on creating a pressure difference between the upper and lower parts. Under the influence of a vacuum created by a special pump, the liquid passes through the filter material, which leaves the solids on the surface of the septum. Choosing the right size pum...

What is the point in wetting filtration paper in buchner funnel?

The Buchner funnel is a specialized device that has been especially designed and manufactured for the needs of the chemical industry and laboratories. The main function of the funnel is to filter a variety of liquids when using vacuum technology. Having shown its usefulness in this field, this funnel found its unusual application among skillful craftsmen, who began to use it for the filtration process of home moonshine beverage. The Buchner funnel is slightly different from the household funnel. It has a partition at the bottom with numerous holes, due to which the speed...

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