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This product integrates various advanced technologies into one, WIMDOW operating system, full-color touch screen, and can independently run three modules, including computer online function

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Using American Marlow semiconductor refrigeration sheet, the maximum temperature change rate is more than 5 degrees per second, and the number of cycles is more than 200,000 times. This product integrates various advanced technologies into one, WIMDOW operating system, full-color touch screen, and can independently run three modules, including computer online function, printing function, big data storage and expansion function. Both will improve the functions of qualitative PCR products to the extreme, and the powerful functions will meet the needs of higher requirements for experiments.


1. Six dedicated long-life Peltier modules for temperature circulators, forming three groups of loops to independently control three temperature zones;

2. The engineering reinforced aluminum module treated by anodic oxidation technology not only retains the rapid thermal conductivity, but also has enough corrosion resistance;

3. Rapid rise and cooling rate, the fastest rise cooling rate 4.5 โ„ƒ / s, save precious time experiment;

4. Independent control of the three-slot module, which can run three different PCR programs at the same time;

5. stepless adjustable hot cover with pressure protection, suitable for test tubes of different heights, avoiding thawing and evaporation;

6. friendly Windows interface, color touch screen control, high definition TFT display (8 inches, 800 x 600 pixels, 16 true colors), graphical menu navigation interface, extremely simple operation;

7. Built-in 11 standard program file templates, can quickly edit required files;

8. The program USES folder management, can be built directory;

9. Real-time display of program progress and remaining time, support intermediate programming of PCR instrument;

10. One-button rapid incubation to meet the needs of denaturation, enzyme digestion/enzyme ligation, ELISA and other experiments;

11. Large data storage capacity, which can store up to 10,000 files;

12. The hot cover temperature and working mode can be set to meet different experimental requirements;

13. Automatic power off protection. After the power is restored, the unfinished cycle will be executed automatically to ensure the safe operation of the whole process of amplification;

14. GLP experiment report, recording the operation information of each step of the program, and providing accurate data support for the analysis of experimental results;

15. User login management, three-level authority, password protection function to ensure data security;

16. USB interface, support U inventory/PCR data, or use USB mouse to control PCR instrument;

17. Support U disk and LAN update software;

18. One machine can control multiple PCR meters at the same time through network connection;

19. Optional miniature wireless bluetooth printer can record experimental program information easily and accurately;

20. Support the function of sending email reminders after the end of the experimental program.





3×(32×0.2ml )

Temperature   Range


Heating Rate


Cooling Rate






Display   Resolution


Temperature   Control


Ramping Rate   Adjustable


Temperature   Control Mode

Three slot can   be set independently

Hot Lid   Temperature


Hot Lid Height   Adjustable

Stepless   Adjustable

Number of   Programs

10000 +(USB   FLASH)

Max. No. of Step


Max. No. of   Cycle


Time   Increment/Decrement

1 Sec ~ 600 Sec(support   long PCR test)

Temp.   Increment/Decrement

0.1~10.0โ„ƒ(support Touchdown test)

Pause Function


Auto Data   Protection


Hold at 4โ„ƒ






LAN to computer



8 inch,800×600   pels, TFT


USB2.0 , LAN


390mm×270mm×255mm   (L×W×H)



Power Supply

85~264VAC ,   47~63Hz , 600 W

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Dec 19, 2023

Ich bin รคuรŸerst zufrieden mit meinem Kauf des PCR-Thermocycler. Die Bestellung wurde per Luftfracht versandt und kam innerhalb des vereinbarten Zeitrahmens an, was sehr erfreulich war. Die Qualitรคt des Gerรคts ist herausragend und erfรผllt meine Erwartungen in vollem Umfang. Der PCR-Thermocycler ist รคuรŸerst zuverlรคssig und hat eine ausgezeichnete Leistung.

Jan 17, 2024

I recently purchased the PCR Thermal Cycler, and I must say I am extremely pleased with both the product and the service provided by the seller. The equipment was ordered with air shipping and arrived well before the initially stated delivery date, which was a pleasant surprise. The PCR Thermal Cycler has significantly enhanced our work efficiency in the laboratory. Its high-quality performance and reliability have been invaluable to our research processes. The device has proven to be a critical tool for our experiments, delivering accurate and consistent results. Throughout the entire ordering process, the sales department was highly supportive. They provided assistance at every stage, ensuring a smooth and informed purchase. Their professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction were evident, making the buying experience notably positive. In conclusion, the PCR Thermal Cycler's exceptional quality, coupled with the outstanding service from the sales team, has left us thoroughly impressed. We will certainly be recommending this seller to others as a highly reliable source for laboratory equipment.

  • Pros:  High-quality device, Sales department assistance at every stage of the order process

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