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The LZD series wrist shaker adopts the maintenance-free design of spherical bearings, which simulates the vibration of the wrist and has a good vibration mixing effect.

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This is a desktop shaker that can be used directly in the greenhouse or in the incubator. It is widely used in the fixation of various electrophoresis gels, the shaking and shaking during Coomassie blue staining and decolorization, and the fixation and staining of silver nitrate staining. After the development, fixation and electrophoresis transfer of the X-ray film in the autoradiography experiment, the cellulose membrane is further processed, such as molecular hybridization, antigen-antibody reaction and staining, and cell culture.


  • The oscillation speed can be controlled within the range of 30 to 600 rpm, the tilt angle: 10 degrees

  • In line with the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) simethicone anti-foaming performance test

  • From mild to powerful simulated wrist oscillations with low noise and good mixing;

  • It is suitable for reagent bottles, test tubes, wide-mouth bottles, narrow-mouth bottles, distillation bottles, separatory funnels, straight-mouth bottles, etc. The triangular claws can be retracted, the size can be adjusted, and the grip is firm;

  • Sealed maintenance-free ball bearings, no need to add lubricating oil, no noise; 304 high-quality stainless steel wire drawing host, anti-rust and corrosion-resistant;

  • The high-quality aluminum arm is fixed in place with screws, and it is easy to disassemble;


Product number



control method

P. I. D   microcomputer environment scanning micro processing chip control

Display method

LCD liquid   crystal display

Programming   control

Eight sections   of user-programmed programs

safety protection

Automatic   operation, automatic stop, timing operation, clock display, call recovery,   parameter memory, speed storage

Cycle way

Natural   convection

Environmental   requirements

User-specific   constant temperature room or environment

Driving method

wrist type

Configuration at   most

12 flask clamps

16 flask clamps


Tilt angle: 10°

Rotation   frequency


Rotation   accuracy


Host size

272*452*320 (mm)

Overall size

810*452*320 (mm)

net weight



Inverter motor

Work rate


power supply

AC 200โˆฝ240V 50โˆฝ60HZ

Material quality

The main machine   is made of 304 stainless steel, casting chassis

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