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Single layer glass reactor is an equipment which is a collaboration of vacuum state, distillation, reflux, stirring, oil/water heating, heating mantle. It can do all kinds of biochemical reactions and synthesis reactions at a constant temperature condition. It is also a colsed system on the whole.

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Single glass reactor inner placed reaction solvent which can be stirred, single layer glass reaction kettle is heated by computer control oil bath or electric heating. At the same time, it can be worked at atmospheric pressure or vacuum state, to control the reaction solution reflux and distillation, it is the ideal equipment for modern synthesis chemical, biological pharmaceuticals and making new materials, used for preparation experiment and production equipment.


1. Frequency control, AC induction motor, speed digital display constant, brushless, no spark, safe and stable, it can work continuously;

2. Supporting glass using GG3.3 high boron silicon material production, has a good chemical, physical properties; big bottle design, hand out cleaning;

3. PTFE (Ceramic) mechanical component sealing, proprietary technology, it can get the best vacuum degree in the market among the similar products;

4. Overall stainless steel frame structure (foot connecting parts like Tee and four-way valve are all stainless steel), compact and solid, stable and reliable without shaking when mixing;

5. Casters with brake fixed, it is convenient and reliable for mobile use;

6. The PTFE discharge valve without dead corner, solid material/liquid material can be easily released from the bottom;

7. Computer controlled thermostatic oil bath, the intelligent PID control, temperature control is accurate and convenient;

8. Integral structure is scientific design and beautiful appearance, convenient for operation;

9. Explosion-proof series available.

( We can add the cooling coil and an anti-explosion device according to user's needs).




Kettle volume

1L spherical



Stirring power


Heating power


Stirring speed


Kettle   temperature range

-80 ℃ to 250 ℃

Bath temperature   range

room temperature   to 180℃

Temperature   accuracy


Vacuum degree


Cover size


5 ports

Stirring port

Φ50mm flange   port

Condenser port

24# standard   port

Constant   pressure funnel port

24# standard   port

Relief port

19# standard   port

Temperature   measuring port

19# standard   port

Stirring  paddle

Φ10*350H(mm),leafing 80mm

Condenser size

Φ40*350H(mm),upper with 24# standard port,upper with 24# standard plug

Constant   pressure funnel

250ml, upper   with 24# standard port match wit glass plug, upper with 24# standard plug

Relief valve

19# standard   plug valve,vent nozzle(padoga connector),outer   diameter 10mm

Temperature   measuring port

19#  standard plug glass measuring tube

Collecting device

2 adaptor,24# standard port,500 spheric   collecting bottle

Vacuum suction   nozzle

24# glass   exhaustor,suction nozzle (padoga connector),outer   diameter 10mm

In and out   circulation nozzle of condenser coil

padoga   connector,outer diameter 10mm

Pot bravery   dimension


Overall   dimension (W*L*H)


Net weight


Packing   dimension

1000*460*510mm,   0.23m³

Packing weight


2 Reviews

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Michael Brown
May 15, 2024

We recently acquired the 1L Single-Layer Glass Reactor for our chemistry lab at the university, and it has exceeded our expectations. The reactor’s durability and efficiency are perfect for our synthesis and reaction studies. We chose to pick up the equipment from the warehouse ourselves, which was convenient and quick. The staff at Chemist EU were incredibly helpful, providing us with all the necessary information and even demonstrating the reactor’s features in detail. Given the excellent quality of the product and the professional support, Chemist EU is now our preferred supplier for all our laboratory needs.

Claire Dubois
May 15, 2024

Pour notre laboratoire de chimie, nous avons récemment acheté le Réacteur en Verre Monocouche de 1L. Ce réacteur s’est avéré extrêmement efficace pour nos synthèses et nos études de réactions. Nous avons opté pour la livraison par service de messagerie depuis l’entrepôt, et le réacteur est arrivé rapidement et en parfait état. L’équipe de Chemist EU a fait preuve d’un grand professionnalisme, répondant à toutes nos questions et nous fournissant des conseils détaillés. Avec un service et une qualité de produit aussi remarquables, Chemist EU est désormais notre fournisseur privilégié pour tous nos besoins en équipement de laboratoire.

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