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Centrifuge is a general purpose benchtop centrifuge used in scientific and medical research, which is designed to provide a safe and reliable solution to separate liquids based on density in a small footprint

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Centrifuge is a technique which involves the application of centrifugal force to separate particles from a solution. It is widely used in the field of medicine, life science, agriculture science, institute and so on, used in the area of protein precipitation, RNA extraction and clinical sample processing. It is an essential centrifuge equipment for blood testing and research in hospitals, blood stations, health and epidemic prevention stations, research institutes, bioengineering laboratories, and blood research centers.


1. MXD4 blood bank special centrifuge is also called the blood bank centrifuge. It is controlled by the microcomputer processor. The LCD runs all the parameters in real time, fully meets the needs of blood bank test, and has the advantages of low noise, small vibration, fast increasing and decreasing speed.

2. Precise timing: The time setting can be accurated to the second. The instrument adopts the concept of “effective centrifuge time”, that is, the time start to counting when the speed reach nominal data, and the timer stops automatically when it is “0”, which can ensure the accuracy of the experimental results to the greatest extent.

3. Fast increasing and decreasing rate: Introducing the concept of “8 increasing and 8 decreasing”, which takes 8 seconds from pressing the start button to the instrument speed up to the nominal speed. It takes only 8 seconds to press the stop button to complete the stop.

4. PWM brake function: When the ordinary centrifuge is in the process of centrifugation, it will encounter excessive downtime and reverberation during shutdown, so that the settled material will be resuspended. The centrifuge adopts the PWM pulse width system for quick jog braking and matches the secondary damping system, which effectively ensures that the shutdown is fast and no reverberation occurs.

5. Unique ventilation and cooling design: avoid the temperature in the centrifugal chamber is too high, which leads to blood quality change. The centrifuge centrifuges for a long time at a speed of less than 4000r/min, and the sample temperature only rises 5 degrees Celsius.

6. Speed and RCF setting function: display operating parameters and maximum relative centrifugal force; 30 sets of centrifugation programs can be set and stored. The same test calls the same program to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the test results to the greatest extent possible.

7. Automatic door lock can be locked after the sample is placed, and the door can be opened. The door is in the automatic locking state during the operation of the instrument, which can effectively prevent the danger of misoperation. After the centrifugation is completed, the voice prompts; at the same time, an emergency switch is provided, and the door can be manually opened in case of power failure. If required, you can set the door to open automatically after centrifugation.

The centrifuge is easy to operate: according to the habitual design of the human body, it is simple and clear, and the operation is quick. It is the preferred helper for blood bank staff.


Max speed




Max volume






Speed accuracy


Power supply

AC 220V 50HZ 2A


Silent operation

Net weight

23 KG

Max work rate


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