Uses of Ammonium Chloride

Published on December 22, 2023

Uses of Ammonium Chloride

Ammonium chloride occupies a significant place in various fields, from agriculture to medicine and industry. Its unique properties make the use of ammonium chloride a necessary component in production, experiments, and household use.


In the agricultural sector, ammonium chloride appears to be quite an effective fertilizer. Proper nutrition with nitrogen has proved to be especially important for crops that require additional nutrition, such as potatoes or corn. What’s more, ammonium chloride can easily form a solution with water, which only helps to ensure efficient growth of the plants.

To cut a long story short, ammonium chloride provides nitrogen and chlorine to plants. Thanks to the availability of the necessary amounts of nitrogen, plants can synthesize proteins and other important substances. Chlorine, on the other hand, contributes to the growth of plant cells. Such a complex and simple at the same time composition of nutritional elements ensures the balanced nutrition of plants, increasing their growth, endurance and productivity.

Medical Uses

Except for helping plants, ammonium chloride can also help people. The trick is that this substance is used in mucolytics thanks to its ability to remove thick mucus. As a result, it clears the breathing channels and the upper respiratory tract during some respiratory diseases.

What’s more, ammonium chloride appears to be quite useful in terms of balancing ammonium ion levels in the blood. This helps patients suffering from kidney disease, as the reduction of ammonium ions levels leads to lower toxicity.

Metal Items

In the industrial sector, ammonium chloride is used in the process of soldering and galvanizing metal products. In its presence, oxide layers are created, which facilitate the process of joining metal parts. This makes ammonium chloride a valuable component in the electronics, automotive, and aerospace industries.

It’s also important to mention that ammonium chloride has electrolyte properties, which make the substance a very useful thing for the production of batteries. It creates favorable conditions for the chemical reactions that occur in the battery, ensuring reliable operation and a long battery life. Its use in batteries ensures stability and high efficiency of electrochemical processes.

In the Lab

Ammonium chloride is used as a reagent in laboratory experiments. It can interact with other substances to create specific chemical reactions determined in laboratory conditions. Its use in analytical and scientific experiments allows you to determine the characteristics of various compounds and determine their properties.

In summary, ammonium chloride is a universal and necessary element in modern life. Its use in fertilizers improves crops, in medicine, it alleviates the condition of patients, in industry it ensures production efficiency, and in the laboratory it allows accurate research to be carried out.

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